“Little Free Libraries”

April’s issue of “O Magazine” had a small article I almost missed about Todd Bol, the creator of Little Free Libraries.


Todd Bol placed his doll house sized Little Free Libraries in his Hudson, Wisconsin, front yard, back in 2009, as a tribute to his late, book-loving mother. He placed a sign inviting his neighbors to take one and then return one. Not long after, dozens of people were coming to his lawn, not just to read but to strike up conversation.  Some people would even read while standing in his yard.  He referred to it as his “magic little cottage.”


Now with the help of Rick Brooks, a University of Wisconsin Madison outreach program manager, anyone can have one of these “LFLs” in their own front yard.  There are already more than 8,000 around the world.  “People who live near a LFL say they’re meeting more folks than they’ve met in 25 years,” says Brooks.


 The great thing about their site is that anonymous donors are sometimes covering part of the cost to make it more affordable to own one yourself.  You just have to keep checking back to see what offers are available.  I have to say, this may be my first investment when I finally purchase my first home.


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