Sweet Dreams

  So it’s kind of pathetic, but I bought a new King size mattress over a year ago and it has taken me this long to finally decide on the bed frame I want.  For the past year the mattress has been on a metal rail pushed up against the wall.


I’m so excited to say, I finally bought a bed and it showed up last weekend!!  For those that know me, I have been going back and forth over a few beds for a while now and I’ve asked, just about anyone who will give me their opinion, which one I should buy.  Well, I finally bought one and I thought I would give you guys a chance to guess on which one I went with.  So what do you think?  Which one is it?

#1 Captiva


#2 Mid-Century

Mid CenturyMid Century2

#3 Morocco


#4 Stria


#5 Wilmington



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