What View Do You Wait All Week to See?

 All week-long I wait to trade in this view,


for this view.


Since I was sick the past couple weeks, last weekend wouldn’t come soon enough.  It started off with a breakfast ride to Lenny’s.

If you’ve never heard of Lenny’s let me be the first to tell you that you need to go.  I would have breakfast every meal of the day if it was healthy, so take it from me when I tell you this place is good.  I actually found out about it while I was still in Orlando from someone who used to live in Clearwater, so I made it a point to stop in and try it out.  Most mornings it looks like this.


Don’t let that scare you, because the line moves pretty quick.  Also, don’t expect a fancy looking restaurant, but do look for the guy making balloon hats.  His balloons are so good, I’m trying to figure out how I can get a kid at my table, so he’ll make us one.  I’m stuck between the little mermaid and the unicorn.

After breakfast we were back on our bikes for what turned into an all day event.  The neighborhoods and paths are so nice we don’t realize how far we’ve gone until we’re miles away.

DSC01275     DSC01278

DSC01277    DSC01276

Or in this case, we’ve reached downtown Dunedin.


Downtown Dunedin has that old town charm; filled with antique shops, restaurants, and boutiques.  I love their train bike rack too.

 DSC01325    DSC01323

First stop, The Feathered Nest (click here for Facebook page) 


This, is a boutique after my own dream.  One day I would love to have a store like this of my own.

DSC01286    DSC01285

Next stop was Lafayette & Rushford Home.  Their website lafayette-rushford.com does not come close to doing them justice.  My brain is still trying to wrap around the creativity pulsing from this store. The bird’s nest with paper leaves they have hanging in the middle of the store is amazing.  Again, the picture does not do it justice.


Every corner of the store is executed flawlessly.

DSC01289     DSC01293

It almost feels like each corner is a different store in itself.  By the way, the paper chevron table runner is gorgeous.


Even the check-out counter looks like a piece of furniture you would want to take home.


Mermaid’s Secret Garden (click here for Facebook page) was another cute store where I picked up my new guppy wine cork and glass charms.


A little wine tasting Florida style at Stirling Tropical Wines.  I’m partial to the pineapple wine.


Then we were on our way home.


DSC01331   DSC01332

Check out this “Peeping Tom”


I think we well made up for the sick time this weekend.


Coastal Lobby

The great thing about living in a beach town is the endless supply of inspiration for coastal living around me.

Just look at this Lobby in the Clearwater Beach Hilton Hotel

I love how the turquoise pillows pop against the neutral color of the couch.

teal pillows

These bamboo chairs give a serene spa like feel that makes me want to take them home.

bamboo chairs

While these day beds feel warm and welcoming and makes me want to stay awhile.

Hilton couch

A little bling with this Grand Chandelier

leather sofa

But the highlight of the lobby has to be this Coral Wall Installation near the lobby bar.

Who wouldn’t love an accent wall like this in their home?

coral wall