Halloween Inspiration

This one Halloween decoration had me like ūüėĮ this year…

So of course, I had to go get my own. Sure I could have made some myself, but why go through the trouble when JoAnn’s was already marking them down? 


I’ll tell you why you should probably go through the trouble. While they are supposed to look like they are flying out from behind the couch, instead, they are actually falling one by one behind the couch. It looks pretty creepy down there now. There are only about 4-5 left on the wall that may make it to Halloween. I’m going to have to take it up a notch next year. 

Livingroom Makeover

When I first moved into my house I was in a decorating frenzy to get everything done.  After a few months and some disappointing paint colors, I decided to live in the space for a while to see how I felt, before making any more changes.  While the whole house is still in a fluid state of decor rotation, I finally have it at a point where I feel comfortable enough to share.

Here is a look at where the living room started and where it is today.

IMG_3156Again, please disregard my realtor.

IMG_3515This is what it looked like when I first moved in.

IMG_3588I thought I liked the color, so curtains seemed like a good place to start.  Yet somehow, even though the curtains were beige linen, they blended right in with the mint walls.  It just looked blah.

IMG_5188 Enter Darker mint paint. “Malted Mint” to be exact.  I love it, but the window still needed something, so I added bamboo shades to fill in the wall between the windows and the curtains.

The other side of the living room has gone through multiple changes.  How do you decide what the best use of an extra couple feet of space should be?

IMG_3516The desk fit nicely, but reminded me of living in an apartment.

IMG_3756An extra sitting area seemed like a logical choice, but what to do with that wall.

IMG_5192At some point someone told me the turquoise had gone a little over board too.

Hey! It’s “Mint”……but I had to agree.

IMG_6114So I toned it down by painting the arch “Soft Cream”.

IMG_5713Still a work in progress.


 What do you think?

What is this Room?

Is it a bedroom? Is it a Dining Room?  Is it an Office? Well it’s all three of course!


That’s what happens when you live in 700 sq ft of space!

This is how it started out and  yes that door does lead to the garage.  This room does it all!

IMG_3608What it doesn’t do well, is fit a queen size bed and still leave room for anything else.  Sadly it was the first thing to go.  Sorry guests.  Now on to more important things like paint colors.  Did I mention there were a lot of disappointing paint colors?

IMG_4234Current color?  No.  Yellow? No.

IMG_4233How about a Carribean turquise?  Or “Backstroke” to be exact?  Stealing from the living room tv stand and tying the rooms together.  Yes!

I’m just not sure where that name came from.

IMG_4239The entire room though? NO!

IMG_4379Saved again by “Soft Cream”.

IMG_4941But where are the guests supposed to sleep you ask?

IMG_5185No worries, Ikea has a fix for that. How about a Breakfast Nook, by day.  I’m still working a new table that won’t break the bank, but for now I like how this one works.

IMG_5178Then I’ll turn it into a full Size bed, by night.  Sure it’s not a queen, but it’s not like my guests are moving in. Plus the room is only 9′ x 11′.  That leaves just enough room left for my desk.

IMG_6104I’m working on another space for my office, but for now I love the light in this room.


What do you think?  Sure it would be nice to have three diffrent rooms, but where is the imagination in that?

Sleeping with the fishes

The results are in and everyone guessed wrong.¬† I’m not sure how I feel about that.¬† On the one hand, I love my new bed, but on the other I’m second guessing my choice seeing how¬†everyone would¬†have chosen every bed except mine.¬† So here’s how I broke it down.

My favorite bed is #1 Captiva from Joss & Main, but it’s such a¬†specific style. What if I want to buy a new duvet or paint the walls in the future?¬† I would have to make sure it doesn’t clash with my bed.


#2 Mid-Century from West Elm, seemed too simple and looked very similar to the bed I had for the past 12yrs.

Mid Century

As much as I loved #3 Morocco from West Elm, and thought it would allow extra light to shine through since the bed is in front of the window, someone reminded me how annoying it is to dust dark furniture.¬† With Down pillows and comforter, I already feel like I’m dusting all the time.


And while #5 Wilmington from Joss & Main, looked fun and beachy, reclaimed would doesn’t seem like the smoothest surface to park my pillow¬†at night.¬† I kept imagining snags in my blankets or sheets.


Final answer….#4 Stria from West Elm

(I waited until all of their beds were 20% off)


and here it is



(Please disregard my poor photography.  Two cameras and these are still the best pictures I could get.)

So I still have more curtains and pictures to hang, but I’m happy to finally have the pink sand walls painted over.¬† They only look tan in pictures. Here’s¬†a preview of where the room started.






So what do you think?

Bathroom Facelift

The first room I had to tackle before I even moved in, was this bathroom.


I didn’t like the blue¬†paint and the fixtures were not very appealing¬†either.¬† The mirror/medicine cabinet was chipping and too small for the space and they painted¬†the¬†light fixture blue¬†along with the walls.


My first idea was to just re-paint the light fixture black, so I went to Home Depot and found a little container of Martha Stewart black paint.  It had a little shimmer to it, but I thought it would work anyway.



IMG_3460I was wrong!  It was like Jem And The Holograms sparkly nail polish with the consistency of sand paper.  It had to go just like the mirror and the paint color.


So I took another trip back to Home Depot for a new light fixture and used a mirror I already had.



While it looked ten times better, it wasn’t the look I really wanted.¬† Neither was the storage shelf I was using.


So I went back to the internet and started looking up every bathroom storage cabinet I could find and mirrors.  While the mirror I really wanted was a capiz mirror, they all started at $199 and went up from there, so I was happy to compromise for this one for $40 from Home Goods.


I loved the new mirror, but now the light fixture didn’t match.¬†¬†After uninstalling another fixture, I went back to the store and found this.


I think it gives a¬†hint of the coastal look I’m going for, but also a touch of sparkle with the prismatic style¬†glass.¬† Then I was lucky enough to find this shelving unit at Ikea for only $35.¬† All of the others I had found were $100 and up.¬† Even the one at Home Goods was $150 and wasn’t as tall as this one.¬† I will trade the hour it took me to put this thing together due to their non-descriptive directions any day over spending extra money.


Just a few more added details…





and I’m almost done.¬† I just need to find a set of roman shades for the window. In the end this bathroom ended up getting new paint, a new mirror, new light fixture, new shower head, new curtain rod, and a new toilet because the other one was like a micro toilet. Now if I could only make up my mind the first time around, I may not have to keep redoing things.

Front Yard Makeover

This weekend my mom took the 3 hour drive over to help me get this yard back in shape.




4 hours into pulling weeds and raking, I started to think I was tricked into doing yard work that weekend.¬† My mom still wasn’t there and she just kept sending me pictures of different plants at the store.¬† I had to question whether she was really coming at all.



She did finally show up, but the truth is neither one of us could figure out what direction to take the front of the house.¬† It’s adorable like a little cottage, but at the same time it’s in Florida and could use¬†a tropical¬†punch.¬† So I took a trip over to Kathy’s Korner¬†Nursery to get some ideas and that’s it, I was sold.¬† Look at this tropical paradise.¬† I would buy them all if I could.



So with the magic of the internet, sweat, dirt, sweat, bugs, sweat, shovel, sweat, mulch, and more sweat here we are all done.  Did I mention it was really hot this weekend? You can also see my first house warming present in this picture, my palm tree door knocker.

IMG_3742We went with the pygmy date palm, heliconia, and crotons. We also used a mix of black mulch and rubber mulch to give it a bit of a different look and switched out the broken concrete for pavers. The grass still needs some love, so we also spread some seed and watered.



I love how it looks and I can’t wait for them to grow a little taller.¬† The best part though, was when I woke up the next morning, this little guy was at my front door with a note.



He has since found a home near my side door, which also got a bit of a makeover.


from this…IMG_3688

to this


What do you think?  Have you updated your landscape lately?

Top Outdoor Etsy Finds

This weekend was not only spent watching movies, the rest of it was spent¬†furnishing my¬†back deck.¬† Pictures coming soon. I still have my work cut out for me.¬† So in honor of my deck, I’ve created a list of amazing Etsy finds for¬†the outdoors.

Ceramic Outdoor Tentacle Sculpture

I think if I had an outdoor pond, I would have to get this!

Ceramic Outdoor Tentacle Sculpture with Magenta Glaze

Shark Art made of Recycled Fence

While bike riding yesterday we passed someone’s house¬†that had¬†parts of an old fence at the curb that they were throwing out.¬† I tried to talk my boyfriend into biking it home, but he wasn’t going for it.

Shark art, made of recycled fence wood. JAWS, Great White, outdoor art

24″ Gecko Outdoor Wall Hanging

I have a couple of these!¬† Well kind of,¬†mine were a gift from my mom, so I’m not sure where she got them.¬†These are from¬† “TropicAccents“, a company in Haiti that upcycles steel drums into Garden Art by hand cutting each design.

24" Gecko Outdoor Wall Hanging - Painted Upcycled Metal Garden Art- M402-TQ-24  24" Gecko Outdoor Wall Hanging - Painted Upcycled Metal Garden Art- M402-TQ-24

Rope Bench

This would be perfect seating around the pool.  They are made of ski ropes and can be designed in several different colors.

Indoor Rope Bench

Recycled Rope Rug

Here’s an outdoor rug, from another company, to go with the outdoor bench.¬† This one is made of Alaskan Fisherman Rope.

Recycled Rope Rug Outdoor Mat Handwoven Rope Rug Green Rope Doormat MADE IN USA

Outdoor Surfboard Shower

With a price tag of $5,465, I won’t be ordering this anytime soon, but a girl can dream.

Longboard outdoor surfboard shower with glass and starfish design. Ready for use

Outdoor Drink Holders

I’m not sure how well the fabric would¬†hold up¬†outside, but they are cute.

Outdoor Drink Holders

Outdoor Solar Light Copper Vine

Gorgeous and I love their description. “The fun Crackle Glass sprinkles moon light around like Fairy dust giving enough light to make the setting romantic.”¬† I’m sold!

Outdoor Solar Light, Copper Vine, Crackle Glass Ball 3 inch

Outdoor House Numbers

Although I’m partial to their anchor and fish design, you can’t deny¬†how well this image shows off the attention to detail.

Outdoor House Numbers / Steel house numbers / Craftsman house number /Address / House Address

Fishing Rod Display Storage Rack

I actually know someone who loves fishing and has a pool table on his back porch that this would be perfect for.

Fishing Rod Display Storage Rack pole holder stand and pool cue stick holder

Outdoor Fairy House

Have your fairies been flying around without a home?¬† Don’t worry, “WhimsicalProperties” has designed some magical homes for you.¬† “Bring a little bit of fairy luck to your garden, but watch out they can be mischievous at times!”

Blossom House:  A OOAK Outdoor Fairy House

Recycled Plastic Wall Flowers

I love all these Upcycled ideas. I could imagine these on my back fence between the vines.  The pop of color would look like the flowers are actually growing out of vines.

Recycled Plastic Wall Flowers (set of 5), indoor or outdoor use, photo props

Flower Planter

I may not have a green thumb, but this is a great design to display spring flowers.

Flower planter, garden flower pot, wood, Mother's Day Gift, tabletop size, for indoor or outdoor flowers and plants:  "Pyramid"

Indoor/Outdoor Metal Wall Art

The¬†colors in all of the artists designs are so vivid.¬† Plus, you can’t beat¬†art that can withstand outdoor weather changes.

Original Metal Wall Art Modern Painting Sculpture Indoor Outdoor Decor "Rich tree" by Ning

Old and Board Outdoor Chair

More Recycled wood!  I love rustic looking furniture that is also comfortable, as these designers claim they are.

Old and Board Outdoor Chair

Custom Order House Numbers

How cute would this be to add some personality to an apartment front door.

CUSTOM ORDER, House Number, Wall Flower Vase, Outdoor Decor, Signage, Wedding Date, New Home, Antique Bottle, Copper Hanger, Housewarming

Last but not least………

Backyard Block Party-Outdoor Game

Try and tell me you don’t want one of these for your next party.¬†I think this is a new backyard essential.¬† I mean look at that guy’s expression.¬† He has to be having fun, right?

Backyard Block Party - Outdoor Game - HUGE version of the wood block game you play inside

For more information about any of these items, click the titles for a direct link to their sites.

Leave me a comment and let me know which one is YOUR favorite.

How Do You Dish Your Salt?

This weekend I was introduced to a new trend that I may need for a future dinner party.

Mini Salt Dishes


They are about the size of napkin ring, but make a huge impression. I have my eye on this Sea Urchin Salt Dish designed by Micheal Michaud.


Although, his Flower Salt Dish with Twig Spoon would look beautiful on an autumn table like Thanksgiving Dinner.


 I also love his Shell Salt Dish.  His attention to detail is incredible.


Here is another salt dish I found later in the day.  If you are looking for something a little more sturdy, this Turtle Salt Dish may be a better option.

Meanwhile I’m still working with the same shakers I picked up when I first moved out on my own.


It may be time for an upgrade.

For more of Micheal Michaud’s designs check out¬†Wildlifewonders.com

What View Do You Wait All Week to See?

 All week-long I wait to trade in this view,


for this view.


Since I was sick the past couple weeks,¬†last weekend wouldn’t come soon enough.¬† It started off with a breakfast ride to Lenny’s.

If you’ve never heard of Lenny’s let me be the¬†first to tell you that you need to go.¬† I would have breakfast every meal of the day¬†if¬†it was healthy, so take it from me when I tell you this place is good.¬† I actually found out about it while I was still in Orlando from someone who used to live in Clearwater, so I made it a point to stop in and try it out.¬† Most mornings it looks like this.


Don’t let that scare you, because the line moves pretty quick.¬† Also, don’t expect a fancy looking restaurant,¬†but do look for the guy making balloon hats.¬† His balloons are so good, I’m trying to figure out how I can get a kid at my table, so he’ll make us one.¬† I’m stuck between the little mermaid and the unicorn.

After breakfast we were back on our bikes for what turned into an all day event.¬† The neighborhoods and paths are so nice¬†we don’t realize how far we’ve gone until we’re miles away.

DSC01275     DSC01278

DSC01277    DSC01276

Or in¬†this case, we’ve reached downtown Dunedin.


Downtown Dunedin has that old town charm; filled with antique shops, restaurants, and boutiques.  I love their train bike rack too.

 DSC01325    DSC01323

First stop, The Feathered Nest (click here for Facebook page) 


This, is a boutique after my own dream.  One day I would love to have a store like this of my own.

DSC01286    DSC01285

Next stop was Lafayette & Rushford Home.¬† Their website lafayette-rushford.com¬†does not come close to¬†doing them justice.¬† My brain is still trying to wrap around the creativity¬†pulsing from¬†this store. The bird’s nest with paper leaves they have hanging in the middle of the store is amazing.¬† Again, the picture does not do it justice.


Every corner of the store is executed flawlessly.

DSC01289     DSC01293

It almost feels like each corner is a different store in itself.  By the way, the paper chevron table runner is gorgeous.


Even the check-out counter looks like a piece of furniture you would want to take home.


Mermaid’s Secret Garden (click here for Facebook page)¬†was another cute store where I picked up my new guppy¬†wine cork and glass charms.


A little¬†wine tasting Florida style at Stirling Tropical Wines.¬† I’m partial to the¬†pineapple wine.


Then we were on our way home.


DSC01331   DSC01332

Check out this “Peeping Tom”


I think we well made up for the sick time this weekend.