Bathroom Facelift

The first room I had to tackle before I even moved in, was this bathroom.


I didn’t like the blue paint and the fixtures were not very appealing either.  The mirror/medicine cabinet was chipping and too small for the space and they painted the light fixture blue along with the walls.


My first idea was to just re-paint the light fixture black, so I went to Home Depot and found a little container of Martha Stewart black paint.  It had a little shimmer to it, but I thought it would work anyway.



IMG_3460I was wrong!  It was like Jem And The Holograms sparkly nail polish with the consistency of sand paper.  It had to go just like the mirror and the paint color.


So I took another trip back to Home Depot for a new light fixture and used a mirror I already had.



While it looked ten times better, it wasn’t the look I really wanted.  Neither was the storage shelf I was using.


So I went back to the internet and started looking up every bathroom storage cabinet I could find and mirrors.  While the mirror I really wanted was a capiz mirror, they all started at $199 and went up from there, so I was happy to compromise for this one for $40 from Home Goods.


I loved the new mirror, but now the light fixture didn’t match.  After uninstalling another fixture, I went back to the store and found this.


I think it gives a hint of the coastal look I’m going for, but also a touch of sparkle with the prismatic style glass.  Then I was lucky enough to find this shelving unit at Ikea for only $35.  All of the others I had found were $100 and up.  Even the one at Home Goods was $150 and wasn’t as tall as this one.  I will trade the hour it took me to put this thing together due to their non-descriptive directions any day over spending extra money.


Just a few more added details…





and I’m almost done.  I just need to find a set of roman shades for the window. In the end this bathroom ended up getting new paint, a new mirror, new light fixture, new shower head, new curtain rod, and a new toilet because the other one was like a micro toilet. Now if I could only make up my mind the first time around, I may not have to keep redoing things.