Bar Stool Mania

While I love the bar stools I have at my house, even though they are shorter than they should be for the height of the kitchen counter, I’ve found myself zooming in on bar stools in images lately.

 Here are my stools.  Like I said, way too short for the counter, but not bad for a T.J.Maxx find.


 I think my fascination may have something to do with the fact that I spend more time sitting on my bar stools than I do on my actual sofa.  It’s just so much easier to use a laptop, eat, and watch tv from the bar.  That and I feel like I’m giving up for the day if I get to comfortable on the couch.  Either way, I have to share with you some of the styles I’ve scoped out lately.

2010-09-30 11.52.26

I love anything that combines industrial and natural materials together and these bar stools do just that.

I like that these stools can be used inside and outside and look great in both.  However, for $454 they better!

As much as I use mine, I think I would like the higher back for comfort.

For the coastal side of me, I like the mix of wicker and wood too.

But if you’re looking for something different, I think the barrel stools or cowhide really changes things up.

I can’t even tell you which ones are my favorite, because I want them all.  Actually, I could pass on the barrel stools.  Which ones do you like?  Click on any of the images for more information from Houzz on these designs.